Review: Terminator Dark Fate – Best mexican Soap-Opera in 2019

To make a long and boring story short, the new Terminator: Dark Fate is a snoozefest. Nothing new, same old in every scene. Compared to the marvelous JOKER, this movie is embarrissing on all fronts. Hollywood is still rehashing old classics with a broad fan base, because money! Disney did it with The Force Awakens, which was a copy of A New Hope and succeeded – the fans wanted a new Star Wars movie so eagerly, that they accepted a copy and paste script. But with The last Jedi things got out of control. So, the production company for the new Terminator thought to play it safe and copy and paste T2 and hire good ol‘ Arnie and Linda Hamilton. But the times they are a changin‘ and the audience doesn’t accept lukewarm cash grabs anymore. We can only hope that Hollywood got the message.

P.S: The mainstream critics see the new Terminator on par with JOKER. Really? I mean, what kind of brain does it need to think that a generic boring action flick with no soul is as good (or bad) as JOKER? I guess something is rotten in mainstream media. Strangely enough the audience scores for Dark Fate are absurdly high, both at Rotten Tomatoes and imdb. I guess, Hollywood got some help from Silicon Valley.

P.S.S: I have a feeling that soon enough, ranting about a movie will be classified as hate speech. More and more movies and tv shows were made with an underlying political message. This kind of propaganda is despised by the audience. The new Batwoman series (CW) gets destroyed by youtube reviewers left and right (this is funny as hell) and the new mediocre Watchmen (HBO) series has nothing to do with the original comic book or movie.