What a fake world we currently live in #rant #Covid19 #Trump #DarkWinter #Sheeple

You will notice that English is not my mother tongue. So why not ranting in German? Because you can’t do it. The German language is not able to tell people to go f*ck yourself without being seen as a jerk who has no idea what he is talking about. The American English is the perfect language to say what’s on your mind, without thinking too much about crossing the line of a civilized speech. And the best part of it most of the German-speaking people won’t bother to read an English article. It’s too cumbersome. My hope is, that this rant will reach the right people with the right mindset. I don’t need no sheeple. Period.

Let’s get started. When you do your work for almost a decade, when you researched media events and find out, that media and politicians are not interested in truth, you know that we are living in two realities. People who have no idea what’s going on, are thinking they are well-informed. They can’t believe that they were lied to the whole freaking time. No wonder when in March 2020 the Covid19 scare hit the street, the sheeple panicked. They couldn’t calm down, they couldn’t use logic and common sense to scrutinize the „science“ politicians put to the forefront. If you tell some sheeple that covid19 is a scam, they laugh at you.

„You tin foil hat wearing idiots don’t believe in science, hah?“

Of course the sheeple have no clue, they repeat the nonsense the media put out day in day out. Should I challenge them, they get angry. They can’t have that. They are sure that you’re the idiot.

„So, you are saying, that ALL the scientists and ALL the media and All the politicians are in on this … scam? Laughable. I can’t take you seriously anymore. And I won’t talk to you anymore. You are a danger to society!“

That’s their response to facts and hard data. Always. No exception. They always fall back to that „irrefutable evidence“ of „ALL are on my side“, therefore they speak truth and you must be a lunatic who should be put away. Some might argue that this kind of conspiracy-thought should be punished or otherwise some beloved granny might die. That’s the current state we are living in right now. The ship is led by fools sailing happily into a civil war. Should someone challenge me on that notion, please go back to your kindergarten and let the adults take care of the discussion.

Covid-19? It’s a scam, folks!

So why do I think that covid19 is a scam? You might want to read my lengthy explanation here: The one Problem with #covid19: Where is the proof? But let me explain it in another way, why covid19 is bs courtesy of the excellent Dr. Tom Cowan.

Imagine you want to sell a new pregnancy test for women. This test should tell women if they are pregnant or not. Can you scientifically proof that the test is accurate? Of course, you can. Why? Because we can show whether a woman is pregnant (at least, you can wait several weeks if you are unsure). So, if you try to find out how accurate the new test might be, you can. No problem there.

But imagine, you are not able to find out whether a person is „pregnant“ (ill). In order to „know“ that this person is „pregnant“ (ill) you have to run a „test“. Okay. Now the „test“ is positive, which means, you are „pregnant“ (ill). But how can I prove that the test is accurate? You can’t. There is no way you can show that a person is really „pregnant“ (ill) without a test. So the test is meaningless. Is testing meaningless than there is no new flu like illness they named „Covid19“. Because how in hell could the Chinese scientists „find“ a „new“ virus (which by itself is impossible) in a patient who must have had flu like symptoms. Without a clinical diagnosis – „pregnant yes or no“ – you can’t check anything. But the brainiacs out there think, when a man comes back with a positive pregnancy test, he should go immediately to the women’s doctor and buy some baby pants.

Elon Musk was tested four times. Two tests came back positive and two came back negative. So what is it? Should we test everyone 9 times? Or 99 times? But the sheeple are okay with that outcome, I kid you not. Some guy wrote that Elon Musk should quarantine for 14 days because he tested positive. That’s the brainpower the truth community has to deal with.

You wonder what shit the sheeple are smoking to believe that everything is okay and there is nothing to see here. Mind-blowing.

My greatest concern is that the panic the media and politicians brought upon us will split society. On the one side you have the skeptics, the truth seekers, the tin foil hat brigade and on the other the angsty brain-dead sheeple who follow the „guidelines“ of the elite in power. „Whitehouse coronavirus advisor“ Dr. Fauci, the man who sold his soul to the devil long ago, said in an interview, that „now is the time to do what you’re told“. Really?

HIV/AIDS? Same sh*t, different smell

Do your research and you will find out that Dr. Fauci fabricated the HIV-AIDS-Scare of the late 1980s and 1990s. It’s the same bogus story about a „virus“ who is causing an illness nobody can clinical diagnose without a test. A lot of people died in the beginning phase because of the fear of contracting an uncurable disease. But thanx to Dr. Fauci, the bureaucrats in Washington found a „remedy“ which was able to prolong the life of patients with AIDS. So they assured everyone. But in reality, this poisonous „remedy“ killed more people than the illness (whatever illness the patient had) itself. No wonder when President Trump speaking of covid19 lockdowns tried time and time again, that“we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself“. Yep. Trump has a valid point, don’t you think? Nah. Haters will always hate. You can hear them scream from the back row: „Trump wants to kill your beloved ones!“

This Covid19 scare is intertwined with the presidency of Donald Trump, but the sheeple won’t believe that. Thanks to the ongoing smear campaign by media, the sheeple „know“ for sure how incompetent and foolish Trump must be. German media is on par with American media when it comes to tell truthful stories about Trump, which means journalists are „lying“ in your face and get away with it. I knew from my research that media is able to spin stories or will accept official narratives which are mind-blowing ridiculous. But now, with Covid19 and the stolen election of 2020, the mainstream media is out of control. Period.

Try to expose all the lies of media and the sheeple think you are some racist right wing white supremacist who is a danger to democracy. Why do they think that, you may ask? Because the media told them so. The brainwashing is so intense that it looks like I am living in an apocalypse where brain-dead corpses walking around and turning everyone into a brain-dead zombie who didn’t lose their marbles yet.

So, if you make the connections, it is clear this Covid19 scare which started in a province in China is a tool for the globalists to take down a prosperous America led by anti-globalist Trump who is a road block for their agenda. They want to set The Great Reset in motion. But try to explain that to someone who thinks Trump is a racist pig and Covid19 is so dangerous, that in order to survive these deadly plague, we have to implode society and get rid of civil liberties. Oh vey, doom and gloom is upon us. Frightened people will do anything to prevent death and destruction in the near future. So they are willing to let go. They have no idea that The Powers to Be give a flying f*ck about you or your beloved ones. They want control. They want power. More power. More control. It’s always the same story. But nobody wants to look back. History tells us what’s coming. Instead, the sheeple turn a blind eye on history and believe in the fairy tales the politicians and media tell. Don’t try to wake them up. They will hate you, they will punish you.

So how will this movie play out?

Media and politicians will intensify the scare mongering. Covid19 mutated, they will say. Now, it’s game on, they will say. They will convince the sheeple of this (well choreographed) Dark Winter play with possible food shortages, blackouts and civil unrest. Of course, it’s all a fabricated scam in order to bring down the economy and stifle resistance. It’s so clear, you can already see it with eyes wide shut. Dr. Scott Atlas, the new health care policy advisor appointed by Trump, knows what’s going on behind the curtain.

Who’s to blame?

So, for me, it’s not the politicians or the paid dumbsters in the media who are to blame. They do what they always did: lying their ass off for money and power. Nothing new. But the greatest threat are the brainwashed people you know, you like, you love. They will try to shut you down. Why? Because they are embarrassed. Because they fear for your well-being. Because they want to „enlighten“ you. Because they want to be right. They can’t question their world view. Cognitive dissonance will always kick in every time you mention facts and data they can’t debunk. We truth seekers know what it feels to realize you were lied to the whole time. It hurts. It’s mind-blowing awful. But without pain and suffering, there is no way out of the darkness leading into the light.

That’s the sinister plot of The Powers to Be, to let the few skeptics fight it out with the mass of sheeple. Who will win?

Light will shine. Truth will prevail.


Should you believe in darkness and in lies, there is one message, one message only for you: Go f*ck yourself!

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