Going down in Flames #Trump #USA #Biden #rant

It’s time to go on a rant and talk about the last three months which were a roller coaster of emotions. Days ago, Creepy Joe was inaugurated. What a movie that was. It reminded me of a dystopian sci-fi flick where a devilish elite is ruling the wold and some idiots like myself try to wake the people up. It’s pointless. Now media and experts are talking about the re-programming of „members of the Donald Trump cult“. You can’t make this sh*t up. To hear media talking about brainwashing is like Biden talking about insurrection on Jan 6th. The globalists are accusing the other side of their wrongdoing. Nothing new to see here.

Guess I hit a nerve with that tweet.

What now? Most of the people out there believe, that the election was fair and the most secure one. „Where is the evidence?“ was the slogan of a disinformation campaign which worked wonders because the justice system is rigged beyond imagination. At least a court in Arizona ruled in favor of the legislatures and approved a forensic audit of ballots and voting machines in Maricopa County. But you can be sure, that all is not going well. The Democrats can’t let this happen. Should the audit proceed, media will bomb the sh*t out of the Senators and will frame the rightful process „an attack on the Presidency“ by Trump cultists. The media does what it does best: reframing and discrediting. But that’s not enough. The Stormtroopers of the left will be brought in to make some fuzz and burn sh*t down. In other words: frighten the sh*t out of Senators and experts in order to shut down the audit.

That’s what we have to deal with. The liberal left is taking the moral high ground and is willing to destroy your life.

That is the land of the free. You are not allowed to talk freely, you are not allowed to talk about a rigged election 2020, despite a truck load of irregularities. Do I know what happened back then? Of course not. Nobody knows. It’s all speculation. You believe the election was won fair and square and Sleepy Joe received 80 million votes? Okay, prove it! All I say is this: let there be an investigation, let’s find out about the allegations of voter fraud. No wonder more than 70 million Americans believe the election was rigged when the Democrats tried everything to prevent any investigation and media tried very hard to disregard any information which went against the narrative. You have to ask yourself why did the elite prevent a democratic process to play out?

The promised Dark Winter is upon us despite a blue sky and sunshine in my hometown Vienna. I am far away from Washington D.C. but one can feel the ripple effect of American politics. New conflicts abroad might be a good distraction for all the shenanigans going on right now and in the near future. The idea of Trump to put America first must be dismantled asap. The globalists are now in the driver seat and push an agenda of a Great Reset. It’s the New World Order the skeptics warned since years and years but of no avail. When a strong conservative America morphs into a liberal left dreamworld, you get the Californication of the United States. The homeless are allowed to live in camps of tents right in the center of cities and scare the sh*t out of righteous citizens. Look at Seattle or Portland. Very liberal. Very clueless. If you wanna get a glimpse how the liberal left destroys the fabric of society, watch the documentary „The Fight for the Soul of Seattle“ about the reality in a city once praised for the open-mindedness:

Yep. Very disturbing. But have to wach it!

That’s the future we might get. It’s not clear, who will live in a tent or will be confronted with decay and crimes deemed „collateral fallout“ of a „humane policy“ we as a society have to accept. But you can be sure that trillionaires and their goons will live happily ever after in their gated communities and beautiful mansions. For them every day is like a party. For us every day will be a struggle to keep the faith and not lose hope. That was the most important trait of President Donald J. Trump: He was optimistic, he gave hope to all Americans. He knew that a prosperous country will unify the people, but not political correctness mandated by law and propagated by media. We are living now in two different realities. Chose one and get f*cked now or chose one and get f*cked later.

What a joke this is.

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