There is something rotten in the State of Austria, but there is hope for the rest of Europe. So hear me out, dear friend. #covid19 #lockdown #mandatoryvaccination

Dear friend,

you want to know what is going on right now in Austria?

We are locked down. Again. Despite the overwhelming evidence that locking down people and economy does more harm than good (study). But our government – conservatives with a green coat of paint – is out of control, acting as High Priests of the global agenda, and therefor deems their ruling infallible and their political standing unimpeachable. Last year, the Austrian Supreme Court ruled the first lockdown as unconstitutional. But our government didn’t bother much. The Court was appalled that the administration didn’t provide any documents or data which would explain the reasons for this kind of „imprisonment“ of the citizens. Two weeks ago, the government was the first in Europe, maybe in the world, who have had no qualms to put away the „unclean“, almost one third of the population, and called it „Lockdown für Ungeimpfte“ (lockdown for the unvaccinated) who are a danger to the Volksgesundheit, to the public health. Of course, as unvaxxed you were allowed to go to work, do your grocery shopping or go for a walk. Meet friends? Have a social life? Nope. You can’t have that. The only thing our government worried was how to enforce this (unconstitutional) house arrests for the infidels of the new vaccine gospel. Days later, you could watch on State TV Austrian cops strolling through shopping malls and asking innocent citizens about Green Pass and ID. „Papers, please!“ Without papers, you were not allowed to shop for clothes or shoes.

Next week, so the government told us (but you can’t trust these liars by profession), the lockdown will end – but only for the vaccinated. The unvaccinated have to stay in lockdown. How long? The government will tell you when you get your freedom back. But be aware that our Chancellor Schallenberg (nobody elected him – he was put in power because the elected chancellor Kurz stepped down because of a scandal), a former diplomat, told us, that Christmas will be unpleasant for the unvaxxed. I guess, Mr. Schallenberg forgot the dark times of Christmas in 1945, when chancellor Figl told starving and freezing Austrians in a radio speech, that he is unable to provide gifts or food on Christmas Eve, but „I can only beg you: have faith (believe) in Austria.“ But these dark times (and darker ones) are all forgotten in the hearts and minds of the leftists and liberals. Years ago, it was unimaginable that our government and half of the population would be discriminating against minorities. Alas the times they’re a changin‘.

In a way, Austrian government was chosen by the global elite in order to see what happens when a red line is crossed. Mandatory vaccination for all adults, beginning in February 2022. But laws have to be passed in order to get the jabbing going. Maybe it’s a gamble of the government to get more people vaccinated, knowing that a mandatory vaccination would tear apart the fabric of our society. Austria would be in lockstep with Indonesia, Micronesia and Turkmenistan, the only countries enforcing vaccination.

You have to look around in social media to feel the hatred and disgust. One group who is brainwashed by State propaganda (and Big Pharma) believes in a pandemic, so deadly, that the mayor of Vienna is allowed to recommend vaccinating the 5 years old. Approval of the European FDA? Don’t worry, it’s coming. In the meantime, let’s experiment on your kids, shall we? And parents willingly putting their children at risk. For what, I may ask? The chance that kids suffer severely from Covid is almost zero. For the greater good and solidarity, I am told. I can’t wrap my head around this, and it reminds me of the passage in the Bible, where God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son.

The other group is fighting tooth and nail not to get vaccinated. Why? Because most of the unclean are well-informed (despite the propaganda painting them as crazy lunatics and „flat earthers“) and they know what’s at stake. They don’t want to be raped or coerced in taking an experimental drug twice, thrice, four times, for the rest of their lives. And why should they? Because of solidarity, because to end the pandemic, the others shout. But we should already know, that this pandemic will never ever stop. A new virus (nobody has isolated) is ready to strike again and again and again.

Wax and wane. The new rinse & reapeat of Big Pharma.

The only way to stop this endless inhumane craziness is a rebellion of some sort.

I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical

Thomas Jefferson, 1787

Austria is in a perfect position for a rebellion, a political rebellion. Our opposition party, FPÖ, the freedom party, is deemed right wing by the liberal left, but despite that in good shape. Former minister of the interior Herbert Kickl is kicking ass and eager to put a full stop to unconstitutional regulations and mandatory vaccination, courtesy of a totalitarian government. At least one third of the population is excluded from social life and might be raped, legally, mind you. So these innocent citizens are desperate. And in dark times, you have to do desperate moves in order to survive. In other words: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

The demonstration last Saturday was huge, but police and state sponsored media were not allowed to give a truthful count. „Tens of thousands“ or „around 40,000“ people from „the right“ put society in danger, so the media wrote, because of a surge in infections. In 2019, the Love Parade gathered 500,000 people around the Viennese Ringstraße and when you compare the pictures you won’t find much difference.

Spot the difference!

It’s the biggest fear the liberal left and the intelligent few have: a chancellor Kickl who might stop state funding of (left leaning) newspapers and institutions in art, universities, kultur and so on, all mouthpieces of the government, because nobody bites the hand that feeds one.

The fear of a chancellor Kickl alone might end the craziness right away. But we have to put fear in the minds of the „fascists with good intentions“. There is a lot to do. Social media is now a fighting ground. I am sure there are a lot of citizens, fully vaccinated, who are not happy, too, and want political change. It’s mass media and brainwashed Covidians who will try everything in their book to destroy the movement. They will play the Nazi card. Of course, they will do that. But the year 2021 showed us that to stop a totalitarian out of control government you are at the least worried to be called „Nazi“. Orwell warned us in his novel 1984 about doublethink. Now, when you tell the Covidians about the discrimination against minorities in the 1930s, you are the bad person, because the comparison is deemed unethical. Why? Because you have a choice. Let government rape you and all is good.

Austria is now in the forefront of the global agenda. Are Austrians allowing mandatory vaccination for adults and later for children? Are we allowing discrimination by law for a minority? Are we on a path like Australia where „subjects of the Crown“, vaccinated or not, can be put in quarantine camps, without due process? The Australian Army is kindly enough to support the government: „The Australian Defence Force is assisting with transferring positive cases and close contacts“. And New Zealand’s Prime Minister, a woman named Jacinda Arden, „seems very proud of creating a two-tier society„. And all that fuzz because a global elite wants to implement Orwellian control systems, starting with Green Pass regulations in Europe. You can be sure, that your carbon footprint will be monitored next.

At least some Australian Senators are resisting in stopping any laws to be passed. Gerard Rennick is telling the truth about vaccine injuries, media and governments around the world are downplaying. All this might come too late for many injured people, but better late than never:

„Where there is a risk, there must be a choice. This is especially so in regards of healthy people who have a very low risk of serious injury of Covid. They should be entitled to weigh up the relative risk of an injury from Covid versus an injury from vaccine. Instead, we have had their rights and their choices taken away from them. […] We need to be honest about the fact, that what we are seeing out in the population, the population data of adverse advents, doesn’t correlate with the data from the testing Pfizer did. Now much of that testing, when it got released, much of the data has actually been redacted. I mean, that in itself is a massive concern. How can anyone make a proper informed choice when the data from the trial itself has actually been redacted? Furthermore, the people who got tested, the placebo group, they went and vaccinated the placebo group, so now [without a placebo group] it is almost impossible to do long term testing.“


Every decent citizen with a moral compass, vaxxed or unvaxxed, domestic or abroad, must fight against this totalitarian take-over and push back an inhumane global agenda of a power hungry elite. The pawns of the game have to stand their ground. There is no way out. A chancellor Kickl might be the answer. But it will be a tough journey and I wouldn’t be surprised, when NATO troops will „free“ Austria from a „Nazi regime“. The elite will try everything to prevent ugly truths coming to light.

Changing the political landscape in Austria – like in the U.S. in 2016 – will trigger a (mental) bloodbath. Figuratively speaking. But that’s the only way to prevent blood on the streets and the implosion of a society.

It’s up to you.
Choose wisely, my friend.

Good night and good luck.

Thank you, Neil.

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