What’s up with the World Economic Forum? And what insidious foe does Democracy have?

Do you remember, when President Trump told Klaus Schwab that he can f*ck off? On the stage of the WEF in 2020, Trump told the audience and Klaus Schwab, what they didn’t want to hear: it’s the citizens who decide the future(s) of one country and not technocrats with no legitimacy. The elite was pissed. No wonder, they started an operation to get rid of President Trump. Mission accomplished, thanx to enormous volumes of mail-in ballots, useful idiots and paid-and-bought media outlets. Of course, you are not allowed to talk about election fraud or an election, that was stolen. But in 2016, the liberal-left deemed it necessary to tell everyone, that Russia meddled in the election and was in cahoots with Trump. That was a blatant lie, but you can be sure, that Democrats and the liberal-left give a flying f*ck about the truth when it comes to MAGA. It seems, Trump did something right.

So, what’s up with the WEF and Klaus Schwab, who seems to play a James Bond villain from the 1970s? The „Great Reset“ is his idea of a modern „Great Leap Forward“ for the world. You will own nothing and be happy, so the slogan goes. In short, it’s the wet dream of the oligarchs and technocrats of this planet.

The question is, how dangerous is Klaus Schwab’s WEF? In reality, he is only a pawn in the game, fully dependent on the good will of the establishment. Same with all the popular Billionaire-influencers like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg and so on.

How do I know that? Simple. Look back in history and read, what Walther Rathenau had to say in 1909 about who really wields power over us: not more than 300 people, truly interconnected, are controlling the economic fate of Europe (and the world). A friend of Rathenau tried to get the names of this elite. Rathenau refused and told his friend, that (real) power lies in anonymity.

So, every time you see Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates on TV, you can be sure, that they have no power whatsoever and that they are doing what the elite is telling them to do. The more the people hate or fear them, the better for the powers to be, who get things done in secret, because they have all the money in the world.

James Bryce, 1st Viscount Bryce, wrote in 1921 about the danger of too much money in too few hands:

»Democracy has no more persistent or insidious foe than the money power, to which it may say, as Dante said when he reached in his journey through hell the dwelling of the God of Riches, ›Here we found Wealth, the great enemy.‹ That enemy is formidable because he works secretly, by persuasion or by deceit, rather than by force, and so takes men unawares. […] Money will always have power, because the rich man has something to give which others are glad to receive, so Power cannot be dissevered from wealth so long as wealth exists. All that democracy can do is to watch its action with ceaseless attention, restraining its predatory habits, respecting its possessor only so far as he devotes it to purposes beneficial to the community, and regarding as ›undesirable citizens‹ those who use it to gain something from the public for their own benefit.«

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