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The one Problem with #covid19: Where is the proof?

I try to make it as brief as possible. The so-called pandemic of Corona (Covid-19) has scientific and logical flaws. As I will show, there is no way that scientists in Wuhan were able to make a case for a new flu like illness and a specific virus as underlying cause. Therefor all the testing is meaningless and could only serve a political purpose. There you have it.

TLTR#1: It’s not possible to diagnose a patient with Corona (Covid-19) without a test. So how did the Chinese scientists in Wuhan prove that the newly found virus caused a „specific“ illness when we now know that there are healthy persons who tested positive for the virus? It’s not enough to show that the „virus“ grew in a Petri dish. First, it’s not possible to isolate a virus and second of all, in the unnatural process to „grow a virus“, there are a lot of chemicals and toxic ingredients involved. This doesn’t tell us how „this very virus“ would behave in a living organism or why there are „asymptomatic“ cases out there, and it doesn’t fulfill Koch’s Postulates

TLTR#2: The Chinese virologists couldn’t use a RT-PCR-test to find some mysterious „new virus“. They needed the RNA sequence of that very virus in order to find it in the sample („matrix“). Where did they get this crucial information? My guess is from the lab in Wuhan, courtesy of CDC.

TLTR#3: The germ theory is flawed and should be scientifically questioned before corrupt politicians and bought media can prolong the fear of „contagious killer viruses“ indefinitely and call that „The New Normal“. Next stop in this episode of the twilight zone: The centralized „health pass“ for the whole world.

By the way, this Christmas is cancelled, of course.

Excellent talk between Dr. Andy Kaufman and Dr. Tom Cowan regarding the problems with germ theory and the myth about contagion.

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Las Vegas Shooting: The Problem with the Victims‘ Stories

This is just my opinion, arrived at by personal research on the web.

More than a month since the (allegedly) biggest mass shooting in the history of the USA took place in Las Vegas and we still don’t know what exactly happened. The officials, to be sure, gave us some pieces of the puzzle, but if we wanna get the whole picture, sorry, there is none. How long will it take before the public will be fed up with all these botched investigations, covered-up by mainstream media?


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Las Vegas #1: Jäger des verlorenen Scripts

Was für ein mindf*ck. Eigentlich wollte ich das offizielle Narrativ des (angeblich) größten Massakers in der Geschichte der USA untersuchen und Ungereimtheiten und Widersprüche offen legen und zur Diskussion stellen. Analog meiner detaillierten Analyse des „Terroranschlags“ in Nizza im Juli 2016. Aber nach über drei Wochen gibt es von offizieller Seite noch immer keinen gesicherten Ablauf des Amoklaufs und die Merkwürdigkeiten reißen einfach nicht ab. Was am 1. Oktober 2017 in Las Vegas geschah, sei es im Hotel Mandalay Bay, sei es im Konzertbereich, sei es auf den Straßen, sei es im Leben des (vermeintlichen) Todesschützen, bleibt weiterhin ein Mysterium.

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