Who will revolt first? The Europeans or the Russians? #Ukraine #Russia #USA #Europe #Afghanistan #Soviet-Union #Brzeziński

So, I am some guy in Europe, and despite the never ending propaganda, I am still able to think for myself. Apropos propaganda. Let’s hear what former British Prime Minister Lloyd George had to say about the reports he received from the British military authorities during World War I. In his memoirs, he wrote (my emphasis):

While the ghastliness I have inadequately summarised was proceeding, and brave men were being sacrificed to the stubborn infatuation of the High Command, the public at home, official and unofficial, were all dosed day by day with tendentious statements about victories won, and progress made towards more assured and even greater triumphs. Enemy depression became as deep and his morale as quaky as the bogs of Passchendaele. „

We were assured that the German peace manoeuvres were the indications and expedients of despair. In her fear of the approaching crash, Germany was appealing now to the Socialists, then to Von Kuhlmann, and again to the Pope, to sue for peace in a hurry. The reports passed on to the Ministers were, as we all realised when it was too late, grossly misleading.“

Victories were much overstated. Virtual defeats were represented as victories, however limited their scope. Our casualties were understated. Enemy losses became pyramidal. That was the way the military authorities presented the situation to Ministers — that was their active propaganda in the Press. All disconcerting and discouraging facts were suppressed in the reports received from the front by the War Cabinet — every bright feather of success was waved and flourished in our faces.“ [page 409]

Now, something similar happens in regard to the conflict in Ukraine. But most of the people here in the West have no idea, how propaganda works, have no clue that „official reports“ might be willingly deceitful in order to paint a certain picture of the conflict.

Furthermore, most people in the West don’t know sh*t about the real history. All they know are the fake stories of the media, whitewashing past and present evil deeds of Washington and London. Nothing to see here, folks, so move on, look over there, to Moscow, where Sauron is hiding, so they say. Sauron wants to conquer and enslave Europe. Therefor, Western politicians do everything to prevent this to happen. How, you might ask? Did they declare war and go to the front line? Nope. Never ever in the history of democracy did the politicians who were responsible for death and destruction do the fighting. The young ones, innocent they are, have to die for the greater good. It’s always the same plot. We are the goodies, the other ones are the baddies. So, our kids have to fight them.

Nobody knows about the real history of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, starting in 1980. The Soviets are invading a sovereign country, Western politicians and media folks shouted back then. They ignored Washington’s inner circle, who caused this war – in order to bring down the Soviet Empire. How did they do this? In paying mercenaries and indoctrinating young Muslim, training them in the art of terrorism and bringing them to Kabul. So, in a way, Washington’s Deep State should be brought to justice for bringing organized terrorism to the table.

One of the main culprits, a migrant of Poland to the US, Zbigniew Brzeziński, had the idea, to set a trap for Moscow and give the Soviets their Vietnam. In an interview with a French magazine, Brzeziński bragged about it – because the war was the beginning of the downfall of the Soviet Empire. And what about all the death and destruction in Afghanistan and the Soviet Union? For Brzeziński, it was all worth it. Of course.

Most of the people in the West have no idea, what Washington’s elite is capable of doing to sovereign countries refusing to be dominated by the West: assassination of politicians, economic and secret warfare, terrorism, instigating a civil war, color revolution and regime change.

In the case of Ukraine, it’s the Afghan playbook once again. Give Putin his new quagmire in Ukraine, the globalists argue, let Slavic people die in masses and the people will get rid of Putin. The collapse of Russia is inevitable. It worked back then, so they say, so it will work now.

Of course, President Putin knew what’s coming his way. He tried (and is still trying) to warn the people of the West, that the globalists, who are in charge, will fight to the bitter end. The stakes for them are high. Should Moscow (and Peking) prevail, a new world order will arise, and the US will lose the status of a superpower. The Western hegemony will be over for good. On the other hand, should Russia fall apart, dragging China with her, the West will dominate the world once and for all.

So, what might happen in the near future? The war in Ukraine will drag on, thanks to globalist backers and military help from NATO. It’s up to Russia, to go all in. Putin doesn’t want to. In the end, Ukraine was the birthplace of Russia, the people have a common history. In a way, it’s like Germany and Austria. I wonder, as an Austrian citizen, what would have happened, had the Austrians put up a fight with the Third Reich in 1938.

The globalists hope, that the Russian people will revolt and (with the help of the Western intelligence apparatus) get rid of Putin. Putin hopes, that the European people will revolt and get rid of the globalist warmongers, which would make room for a new multipolar world order.

As long as the globalists and paid and bought politicians in the West are in charge, we might live on in a state of a perpetual war in the east and far east. Orwell was right all along:

War is waged and freedom is verboten for peace.

Dare you, to get your information from alternative media sources, officially not approved. Ignorance is strength.

Don’t forget that, pleb!

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