Why does this blog endorse Donald Trump? Because the Best is yet to come! #Election2020 #USA

What a year this is. Today, the imprisoned and masked citizens of the whole western world are looking to Washington, hoping for a red wave sweeping across the United States. Like the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the New York Post, I endorse Donald „I am freezing my ass off for you“ Trump for 4 more years. Why, you may ask? Because I can and I like winning, winning, winning.

Beware of the doom & gloom duo

With President Biden we’ll get the Dark Winter with lockdowns, masks for life, mandatory vaccination, lay offs, no singing [because Covid] and an Orwellian „Big Brother is watching you“-program. Joe Biden who is „shot“ (as Donald Trump points out) would soon be replaced by „the most liberal senatorKamala Harris. Well done. Nobody likes her. Nobody elected her. And her fake laugh is creepy as hell. But there she is. As the first woman (and black, mind you) in the Oval Office, a feat that Killary we-saw-we-came-he-died“ Clinton couldn’t do, she will be applauded by the lamestream media, which is fake and totally corrupt. With Demorats in the White House you get a globalist agenda which put America last. No jobs. No hopes. No nothing. Misery. Depression. But you wont hear that in the fake news. Instead they will celebrate progressive politics and do the cheerleading for wars and conflicts as usual. It’s like the good bad old days with Nobel Peace Prize winning spymaster Obama. All show, no go.

Let’s rally!

If you wanna get a feeling what’s to come with Trump or Biden, look no further than their rallies. You have to watch a Trump rally to believe the enthusiasm of the crowd, the magic of the moment, the singing, the music („Nessun Dorma„), the chanting of „we want you“ or „we love you“. Thousands upon thousands came together and celebrated a President they believe in. They love him. They adore him. Compare that to a Biden drive-in rally. It’s the saddest and most depressing gathering you can imagine. Because of fear of Covid the Biden rallies took place in a parking lot where the audience had to remain in the cars. Picture an elderly Biden, who tries too hard to look agile and mentally fit, speaks for mere 15 minutes in front of some cars and instead of applause and cheering you hear the honking of car horns. If that is the dark winter Biden (and some other European politicians) refers to, please shoot me.

Crowds? What crowds?

Mind you, the media wont show the crowds. Why? Ask yourself why mainstream doesn’t like to show the crowds of the rallies on TV. There is only one answer: At Biden’s rallies, nobody showed up, nobody wanted to hear „sleepy“ Joe’s incoherent ramblings or a wasted Kamala Harris jarring laughter. Biden has „low energy“ and is telling his voters, that the future is bleak and gloomy and „Orange man bad“. What a joy.

What would Billy Wilder do?

The liberals and the left are living in a (social media & lamestream) bubble, reassuring each other that they have the high ground and are morally superior to the „deplorables“ or „chumps„, who don’t distance and attend these „super spreader events„. All you hear from them is hate and the cry for censorship because „I am so offended!“. But the most obnoxious part of the left is lack of humor. Because of all the hate and anger, leftists can’t let go for a moment. All is politics. All is serious. Don’t you dare to laugh at the gaffes of Biden [„What does Biden, a carrot and and a lettuce have in common? They’re all vegetables.“] Imagine a future when you get punished for making a joke. Oh, sorry, that’s already happening. This is the reason why stand-up comedy is dead. We live in a time when a court jester is not allowed to tell the truth anymore, because of all the „isms“ he or she might be accused of. „If you’re going to tell people the truth, be funny or they will kill you“, told us Billy Wilder once, former citizen of my beloved Vienna. What Billy couldn’t have known is that the left kills you the funnier you are.

Political correctness rules entertainment, Hollywood and sport. Disrespecting the American flag and anthem is the way of the left to tell the (mostly white) audience to go FU. No wonder the ratings hit rock bottom.

A hilarious comment a day keeps the progressives away

The only sane place (and a very funny one) is the comment section on YouTube and certain websites, which are deemed „right wing“. In plain English: „Geee, they don’t agree with our lefty view, they must be Nazis! Please, Mr. Google, don’t show them in your search results.“

New World Order here we come

President Trump, nominated for 4 Nobel Peace Prizes, stands between us and the globalists. The globalists are ready for „The Great Reset“ and an Orwellian „Build Back Better“ program which sounds quite familiar for truth seekers. New World Order, anyone? You might think that’s a crazy conspiracy theory, but hold on, the globalists brag about „the new normal“ after the p(l)andemic: No cash. No borders. No property. No values. No police. No freedom. But don’t be afraid, you will be a lot happier than now. The globalists know what’s good for you and the community, don’t they?

So, please, my dear Americans, do Europe a favor and vote for The Donald. And now, let’s watch his last rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan. What a night this is.

P.S.: In the case that Trump can’t stop the globalist onslaught, we stand together, we laugh together … in the comment section.

4 Kommentare zu „Why does this blog endorse Donald Trump? Because the Best is yet to come! #Election2020 #USA“

  1. Thank you for the great, inspirational and motivational article you wrote, to move the Americsn people to vote for and keep the Donald J Trump as our President. Indeed you have described one of the greatest leaders the world has watched, learned from and embraced. Thank you

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